Apartment Reviews for Village Park Apartments in Orem

4.4 | 50 Reviews

1080 N State St, Orem, UT, 84057


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My family moved here during the summer we were all hesitant at first but we love it here. The place we moved in though seemed a bit rushed and the management is a tad bit slow but everything is great they keep pools clean and with pet's leaving there stuff behind it has been getting better. Recommend this place for small family or trying to hurry and find a good place to live.

Great place to live at!

Loved living here for over a year. Management is always helpful, maintenance is usually prompt, love using the pool and the basketball court, and it also seems like a safe place for kids. They are also awesomely pet friendly!! :)

My husband and I have lived here for 2 1/2 yrs and Management and maintenance have been really good with fixing problems as they're presented. As long as you communicate with them and read your lease there are no surprises and they are easy to get along with.

The managers of village park are such a great help! We??ve been talking with them about switching from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bed and they??ve been so helpful and everything has gone so smooth so far! Hopefully we will be moving into the 3 bed soon! I also had money stolen from my account and we talked to management about not being able to pay rent. And they were so kind and understanding! I??m so grateful for all their patients and their help.

There was an issue when I moved in. I let the office know and they have been amazing! They quickly got it taken care of and everyone I have dealt with has been super nice and easy to talk to.
My experience with village park was great

Very friendly management and maintenance! The yard area is better kept up then most of the places I have lived.

Love the new manager, didn't care for the last one because she was very rude and unfriendly. We we're thinking about moving because of the last management, but have planned on staying longer due to the knew manager and maintenance. The property is kept up better and when ever there is a maintenance issue they are on top of it.

We really love our apartment and the staff. Everyone is so friend and willing to helps us! I cannot say enough good things about this complex!

Such great staff in the office! It has been a wonderful experience so far!

2 years livin very happy and comfortable

Heater went out on Thursday while I was at work. Didn??t get back till late. Long after they were closed. Called them first thing Friday morning and explained I needed it fixed that day as my young children would be with me for the weekend. It was fixed by the time I got home that day. Same day service. Great job

Great Orem location lived here for 2 years never had any problems we were in a nice quiet area of the complex management was friendly and so was maintenance!

New tenant review of initial experience (application-first 5 days), Move in process fairly seamless. Front office staff are friendly, polite and professional. Upon turning in my move in walk through paperwork, the property manager reviewed quickly and sent maintenance to the unit to fix water heater issue within an hour. There is a slight pest presence noted despite apparent attempts at resolving, could be due to previous tenant and / or neighbors. Based on my past experience, it should be a minor adjustment to resolve completely but time will tell. The property is well kept and tenants seem to be sociable and polite.

Best experience ever

Great staff and maintenence team. Very timely when things need to get done. Family friendly community, never any problems with criminal activity. I always feel safe and the neighbors are friendly. We moved here regardless of the poor negative reviews and found that it was worth it. Many people can only seem to point out negatives especially when in an apartment complex. Some changes that could be made include spraying balconies down after the winter, being more strict regarding doggy droppings, and cleaning of steps within each building.

I honestly don't see what everyone is bitching about. Only cons are grounds could be better kept and the walls are a little thin ??it's like any other apartment complex normal people can actually afford. Hardly the Harlem slum

Nice, friendly staff! Always got things done in a timely manner when asked.

Management kinda played me earlier this week but they are taking steps to correct the issue which is very much appreciated. Hopefully something good happens.

I will not pretend that this is the greatest place I have ever lived, but for the price we pay to live here it is about what I expected. We live in one of the three bedrooms at the back of the lot. When we first applied Rob was quick and efficient, even helping us though he clearly should have been home resting due to a back injury. We got our keys and moved in no problem. There were a few issues that needed fixing when we toured the apartment that have yet to be fixed. We are patient and realize that they have been understaffed recently. I have yet to see an apartment that is prompt with such things so it wasn't much of a shocker. It you move in here, remember that you live in an apartment, a cheap apartment at that. You will hear people yelling, you will hear dogs barking, cars roll through at 2 am music full blast, and the police are frequently here. That is pretty much how apartments work. Don't like it? Rent a house.